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Experiments in croissants

So I have a croissant obsession. I’ve reached the end of my fulfillment with baking loaves of bread so I’ve been branching out.

My goal, well-done, dark, gossamer leaved croissant.


I got really close today, the outside was fantastic:IMG_1622

However the insides were more mushy like bread and less flaky like strudel:

Lady at Kroger:

Envirokids Gorilla Munch Cereal, Horizon GMO-free milk, frozen organic vegetables, chuck your groceries on the conveyor belt, slam the door on the Escalade because you’re a housewife that deserves a maid who does the shopping.

Prelude to a power outage 2 July 2011

My mailing list experiment: Michigan Design Center

I am a very private person and perversely obsessed with how business uses my information for marketing. I don’t normally subscribe to magazines, who are the purveyors of some of the most precious marketing information. So, when I caught a groupon for Hour Detroit Magazine [link] I subscribed under a legal, albeit modified, version of my name. ¬†Knowing that print journalism has had its problems with revenue, I wanted to see what kind of advertising I’d receive under this pseudonym.

Here is the first organization that my information has been whored out to.

The Michigan Design Center Sample Sale

The Michigan Design Center

In a previous life, I enjoyed the Michigan Design Center’s ¬†heady scent of furniture glue and rich people opening their wallets. I have a budget now and could never really afford an International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) designer, which is required to enter the building. Sure I’m flattered that I’d be invited to the Design Center, but it’s a sample sale… the one time where the unwashed masses are allowed to finger the merchandise.