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I hope the baby on board dies

I didn’t think that the anti-vaccination trend would take off in the pragmatic mid-west. The decal that I saw today does not object to vaccines all together, no; the group simply wants to protect citizens from mandatory vaccines. I can be sympathetic who fear that the compulsory vaccination of children from terrible diseases will lead to a mandatory papilloma virus vaccine and ultimately the slut shaming of their precious daughters. However, whooping cough and smallpox are horrific diseases and children grow up to be sexual.


I am fine that vaccines are a choice, but I want there to be some kind of penalty for people who opt out. Should one live life disease free, the reward is health. Contracting a disease you opted out of vaccinating should result in a state tax on top of an insurance “told you so”.

If I were a vengeful witch, I’d conjure up polio ridden spirits to haunt the fuck out of this family.

No smoking… outdoors

I just lit up a cigarette when seeing this sign… like a good Canadian I walked back up to street level to finish itSunset Beach Park 1204 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6E 1V3, Canada

Am I a warlock?

I don’t believe that there’s spooky witchcraft in my ancestral village but when it’s the only town for miles obscured by a cloud in google earth, one wonders. cloud-city

Experiments in croissants

So I have a croissant obsession. I’ve reached the end of my fulfillment with baking loaves of bread so I’ve been branching out.

My goal, well-done, dark, gossamer leaved croissant.


I got really close today, the outside was fantastic:IMG_1622

However the insides were more mushy like bread and less flaky like strudel: