confessions of a husky boy: sesame noodles, peanut and ginger

After a late night of drinking… I like to have uncommon things for breakfast, and I know that I will always have the fixin’s for sesame noodles. Be they dressed in just doenjang, thai green curry paste, or depicted below with a peanut/sesame sauce, fried garlic peanuts, and scallions; sesame noodles start off simply with cold rice noodles, sesame oil, and salt. If you can’t get this recipe right… there’s something wrong with you.

Perfect for a hot summer morning, these cold noodles provide a hit of nourishment and is much better than a morning eye-opener. More than likely… you’ll see more posts of sesame noodles in the future.

confessions of a husky boy: les moules

The only Belgian feather bowling lanes in America are at the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit. It is debatable to call this joint a landmark as the people who truly enjoyed this place are quickly fading away, and there are whispers that the owner wants to close up shop and move on. We here at PublicJoUrinal try to capitalize on this establishment and appreciate it while it’s still with us. Monday’s special features an ‘all you can eat mussel’ dinner, choosing from their four preparations; plain steamed, garlic, lemon and dill, or marinara. As long as you’ve got the time and the stomach, it’s a wonderfully pleasant dinner.

I was able to get through three buckets of mussels and would gladly order more if the visages of my dining companions weren’t dripping with boredom. I am a slow eater, and when it comes to ‘all you can eat’, bring a book because it could run long. Plied with a hearty Belgian beer and spinach mashed potatoes as I sit here writing this I am wistful at all the meals and parties that took place in that restaurant.

confessions of a husky boy: lechon

I had to pick up something for dinner, and I do love to stop off at the Chinese BBQ for a savory delectable to treat myself. Since I had the crispy duck last time, I chose a lovely slab of roast pork, lechon to those of the filipino persuasion. Tender roasted juicy belly pork whose skin has been left on and seared with oil to a crispy char. Think of a really juicy pork chop with a crispy pork-rind edge.

I saw a rather large two pound segment of pork and thought… that should be plenty. I asked the gal behind the counter and asked her to weigh the piece and asked how much it was. Obviously too much for two people, I knew I’d have to ask for it to be cut down. Unfortunately for me, but fortunate for the proprietress, there was construction going on in the vicinity. When I asked that I’d like a little more than half, a grinding cacophony of metal and wood drowned out my voice and all she heard was “more”. Before I could correct her, she slapped the piece of pork she just weighed on the counter and proceeded butcher a second piece of pork. Now my order was twice the size of what I had originally asked for. I don’t know if I was being sympathetic to the small-business owner, but I decided to let it slide. What’s a fat kid to do with two kilos of roast pork? I’d say have a party.

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