On backpacks and PDA

It’s magical that Italians can pull off backpacks. However that’s not just the quirks of Milan.  

Take for instance this couple.  They got really frisky on the street; she grabbed his bicep then he grabbed the sides of her tummy – then he pretended to smack her on the cheek. The PDA here is not just for the young here, and it’s inspiring. 

Was it awkward? Yes, but he winded up for it and she recoiled as it it were a mega slap, but I’m sure she’s good at pretending she’s into that sort of thing. Perhaps it was her way of expressing, ‘yeah let’s carry out your weird kinks without REALLY carrying them out.’, but it could have been the drinking that carried on beforehand. We are outside of one of the only craft brewery in the city. 

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