lovetastic: gomo love

I’m not one for promotion, I’m not one to visit social networking sites, I’m not looking for a new relationship, but I was compelled by Inside the Net, episode 36 on the web 2.0 application called lovetastic. Now the episode is a bit techie, drawing parallels between Rails and the altruism of the lovetastic social endeavor, but at the heart of it was a man who harnessed his gomo powers to create a service for all gay men. The lovetastic site is meant to host personal ads and profiles but the key is that the site is not for the quick hookup. I haven’t registered on the site yet but I heard that the site doesn’t allow for bawdy profile pics, allowing you as the person to make the connection. Really boys, how many of you just skim over these personal ads of perfectly normal guys just because the lighting or focus is bad on the thumbnail picture of their cock.

So, kudos to Ryan Norbauer the founder of the site. I hope this venture changes the niche that you sought to impact.

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