one of a kind friend… one of a kind present…

Who knew that my little gambit of contacting the OhMyPod podcast (episode 82) would have landed me in such a fantastic spot. I made it out to see Peter/MacBoyX earlier this month and by sheer force of fate, I’m here visiting him and Roseld from SuperRoboGomo. The booze was flowing, (for the most part) the conversation was lively, and I schooled Roseld on making lumpia.

If you are a listener of the OhMyPod Podcast, you already know that Roseld is a toy designer [link to that episode]. I really hate to be thrown off my game or thrown for a loop, but after spending a lovely day with Roseld, I was given a very rare object (one of a kind… prototype for a production toy). I don’t know if I could reveal his connections to, or what company produces it but I can say it is a product line that is very ubiquitous. What floored me, is that the toy is a prototype of the toy and there’s only one in the world. I must say that I was so touched that I cried, being overwhelmed by the sentiment.

Without being too precious about this, I’m adding another category to my blog, simply titled “yay”… I’m reserving it for very rare occasions like this one…


  1. All I can say is Yay. I also am very very very grateful that you found me. You’ve made my life even better than it was and you’re a special, special man. I ‘m so glad you had a great time and that you like my friends. You’ve made this weekend a fantastic, memorable visit just by being you.

    Yay, indeed.

  2. Hi Pinoy Boy!!!

    Oh wow…did I really inspire you to create an all new category?!?

    “YAY!” How fun!–Peter, did you have any influence on the name?

    It was truly a pleasure to have finally met you in person! Thanks so much for the great company, laughter and the lumpia lessons! I can’t forget about your considerate and cool presents as well…the superhero stamps rock…and the pewabic ceramic piece compliments the items by the fireplace 🙂

    Yes, next time I do lumpia…there will be pork–I stand corrected 🙂

    It’s not often one meets another creative mind…who actually gets it!–thanks for being you!

    Take care…and I’m glad you were able to come out to share in our house-warming celebration–plus Hector liked the view 🙂



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