Like herpes…

denim short pants are destined to walk this earth on the asses of style-challenged people.

As wonderfully fashionable in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the denim short pant was a hard-working durable fabric cut into a garment for liesure. If one was toiling on a ranch or grinding down steel, the logical fabric to be worn was denim. It seems that the world that doesn’t understand this irony continue to wear denim shorts. The unabashed fashionistas in Japan were on top of my list for innovative and cutting edge trends, until I saw :

A japanese man wearing cut offs

Ok, I’ll let someone slide if they wear denim short pants or skirt in parody if it’s worn well…. but I didn’t think that the Japanese would come full circle and think that the cast-offs of western-civilization are truly fashionable.

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