wait, this ‘is good for the country’ ?

A certain car manufacturer has been running a commercial touting how wonderful their products are and the wonderful deal the public is getting when they stop into showrooms. The sentiment doesn’t really stick with me and it’s not because I don’t like their products. Look carefully at the titles and positions of the people on these commercials. The majority of these folks are managers, designers, or somewhere in advertising.

These ‘professionals’ are used to represent the face of the brands. It pains me to think why the people who work in manufacturing aren’t featured. If I can’t be shown proud people bailing the products of their company, I question the quality of the product. The tack that the advertisers are taking focuses on the ’employee’ and these smiling white collar people aren’t cutting it.

Unfortunately these commercials come on the heels of a huge layoff of laborers, so there maybe some backlash in the factory parking lot when they see a UAW member sells out in a commercial. All union bitterness aside, a entire plant, shift of workers, or group of workers that would be proud to say they make the cars would be sufficient.

Fake me out, use beautiful and happy people that aren’t employees. Even better, just have beautiful people say that they received the employee discount.

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