Challah! (Not really, more like tsoureki/brioche/kulich)

After weeks of making lovely sourdough breads, I decided to branch out into making enriched breads. Since it’s nearing easter time, I decided to make an egg bread like tsoureki but more rich like brioche. Using natural starter gave it nice lift without the commercial yeast smell or taste.
Challah dough

Flour, water, buttermilk (which broke kosher law), eggs, butter, turbinado sugar, turmeric, and salt.

Lazy Dinner

Korean market's assortment of grilled and fried fish
You are looking at my selection of ready-to-eat fish for dinner, 7 April 2011.

Work was shitty, I was on a conference call when I took this and I even got store-prepared side dishes. The kicker is, I BOUGHT PRE-COOKED MICROWAVABLE RICE.

This is a new low in how my job is impacting my health.

AKB48 Vegetables

AKB48, the Japanese idol group, never really garnered much of my attention. However when one gets the right mix of food, cuteness, and choreography I cannot help myself.  The music video [link] for the song Vegetable Sisters (野菜シスターズ) has been turned into a commercial for some kind of juice product.

Funny, it reminds me of the Pizza-la commercials.

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