Galaxy Note: Phone for rich bitches

Product placement of Korean tech is very common in K-dramas and since there are only a handful of conglomerates out there to sponsor television, we see Samsung/LG phones, Hyundai cars, and I’m sure it’s safe to assume all the food eaten on screen is Lotte.

In watching “Fashion King” I saw three Samsung Galaxy Notes in rapid succession and showed me that if you’re a tiny powerful bitch this gigantic phone is best for your scheming phone calls despite its smart, media rich functions.

Starting upper right, clockwise:

1) Worry that the girl you raised (not your daughter) will take down your fashion empire
2) Show off your english skills by talking down to the seamstresses making samples for the spring line
3) Butter up a rich woman whose son can guarantee your daughter’s future and your fashion business
4) Take a phone call from a bitch with a fashion house while getting fitted for a dress

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