I guess ‘Isle of Dogs’ would have worked too


Seamstress in search of digital transformation?

Screen capture of a job description "Engineer for costumer care"

I was hoping that garment workers were really looking for someone to help with virtualization and integration strategies.

When was I this baller?

Looking for shirt or sweater for a winter white mood I came across this sweater in the closet. Cream colored silk, V-Neck, with a slight stain. The stain was a character trademark of mine, most likely some sort of soy based dipping sauce but the size and material were not choices I’d readily make.

Silk; which is always going to be I practically dry cleaned.

V-Neck; I don’t have the clavicles to pull them off.

Oversized XL maybe even a mislabeled XT; I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never been an XL but shit that’s a lot of expensive silk.

When was I this baller? This must have cost a bit of money at a time when I clearly was thinking more about draping and hiding my body rather than the practicality of clothing. Happily in 2018, I find myself back into the more plush plied body and in need of such coverup. I’m glad that younger me had the foresight to pick such a timeless neutral.

On candy and expatriation

Chat screenshot

So my friend has been living in France for two years now and only just discovered Kinder Bueno bars. She has since married and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I feel that I’ve lost her forever.