When was I this baller?

Looking for shirt or sweater for a winter white mood I came across this sweater in the closet. Cream colored silk, V-Neck, with a slight stain. The stain was a character trademark of mine, most likely some sort of soy based dipping sauce but the size and material were not choices I’d readily make.

Silk; which is always going to be I practically dry cleaned.

V-Neck; I don’t have the clavicles to pull them off.

Oversized XL maybe even a mislabeled XT; I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never been an XL but shit that’s a lot of expensive silk.

When was I this baller? This must have cost a bit of money at a time when I clearly was thinking more about draping and hiding my body rather than the practicality of clothing. Happily in 2018, I find myself back into the more plush plied body and in need of such coverup. I’m glad that younger me had the foresight to pick such a timeless neutral.

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